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 PC and Laptop Repairs                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Will your PC not start?
When starting your computer do you see the 'Blue Screen Of Death' (blue screen with white writing)?
Do you suspect your PC has a virus?
Has your CD/DVD drive stopped working?
Does your computer restart on its own?

Whatever your computer problem, we are here to help.

We offer a full repair service for your desktop PC or laptop. We can replace faulty components, repair or reinstall your operating system, remove virus's/spyware or clean and service your PC. If you do not know what is wrong then we can run diagnostics to determine the fault quickly.  We also replace laptop and netbook TFT screens.

We have been repairing and upgrading computers since 1998 and so if you have a fault with your PC, then please bring it to us for a speedy and professional repair.

We can also provide insurance reports for damaged equipment.

NO FIX - NO FEE - If we cannot repair your computer there is no charge.

Please note: There is a fifteen pounds minimum labour charge on repairs and upgrades.


Is you PC or laptop running slow?
Will your PC not play the games you want it to?
Do you not have any space left for music or pictures?
Do you want to backup your data to DVD instead of CD?

If you answer 'yes' to any of the above questions then maybe it is time for an upgrade. We provide a full upgrade service from fitting extra memory or a DVD writer to upgrading your motherboard and processor. Whatever upgrades you need we will be able to supply.

We can also upgrade your laptop. Laptops, allthough not as upgradeable as desktop PC's, should still be able to have their memory increased (to speed up your laptop), their hard drive replaced with a larger one (to give you more storage space for documents, music, pictures, etc.) or change the CDROM, CD writer or DVDROM for a DVD writer.

For more information about upgrades please call in, phone us on Rhyl (01745) 355455 or email us


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